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Boat & Car Ports For Muskoka


Throughout the Muskoka Lakes range a variety of boathouses and boat ports in Muskoka.  Boathouses range in size and configuration while retaining a comparable price tag.  We at Accents of Muskoka offer boat port design and build; by incorporating our Timber Frame / Post & Beam structure we are substantially less in price comparison while maintaining a picturesque appearance for any dock and property.


If you are in the process of obtaining permitting for a crib dock system, or steel dock system then you should give some thought towards having the docks structure designed to carry load bearing points surrounding any slips weather it be for future or present structures.  If you have an existing dock and are looking towards a boat port erected on it, we can help.  Working with the existing dock structure improvements can be installed to carry the load bearing points of a boat port along with the design of the upper timber work of the boat port itself.  Design features in Timber Frame, roof complexity, rafter, rafter tails & roof sheathing are features we are proud to offer.  Each of these components play a significant role in your lake front appearance making our boat ports an asset to any property.


Each and every property has its own character, not always is an enclosed garage what property owners are looking for.  When looking to have a Roof structure to protect your vehicle at a moderate expense the idea of a car port is forthcoming.  The use of a Timber Frame structure provides the basis for a rafter or truss design roof system while creating an appearance to compliment any dwelling.


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