Muskoka Rooms

Muskoka Rooms

One of our longest selling products & services is our Screen Room or better known as a Muskoka Room.  When speaking with friends I am always asked “what do you think is the best allocation of funds a person can do to their home?”   My answer is always a Muskoka Room.  Size and configuration differ dramatically from home to home however the warmth of a hand-hewn Timber Frame structure and custom pine interior lends these rooms to a cozy environment capable of being furnished for any use weather it be for relaxing with a book, entertaining guests or simply an escape from the rest of the family with full amenities.
Typically, Muskoka Rooms’ are a 2 season feature of a home; it is usually to cool in April along with the months of October and on into the fall however some of our Muskoka Rooms have seen use into late December.  Most of these projects are renovations / additions that are arranged on a home to be close in proximity to the main living / kitchen area.  Working towards a longer season of use for our Muskoka Rooms we install free standing air tight fireplaces, fireplace inserts encased in stone & gas / propane fireplace inserts while operating within a clients’ budget.

Further tweaks can include insulated floor & roof systems along with operating windows to optimize both heating and cooling during all seasons.  Our standing relations with local businesses enable us to offer the finest of fireplaces to fit any space; meeting all requirements for your insurance and construction needs.  Items such as 3 seasons drop down windows, thermal pane operating windows, wrought iron clasps & chain, rustic framed screens and retractable screens are all products that can be incorporated into any of our Muskoka Rooms designs.   Clients repeatedly tell me how much they use these rooms throughout the year they just seem to be the hub of their homes which is why we are proud to offer these in our line up of products offered.


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