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Our Timber Frame accents can be incorporated into all your new development, renovation & addition projects.  Not only do we offer design concepts in base structure our Timber Frame Accents can be comprised of dressed, rough sawn and re-sawn finishes along with detailed or single element roof lines.   Offering various accents to the design and detail of the timber itself along with rafter and rafter tail design lend our projects to a timeless structure.

All of our Timber Frame products are hand jointed using heavy timber species commonly Pine & Fir.  All Timbers and components are carefully selected for each individual purpose within a structure and are pre-manufactured and fitted at our shop located in Muskoka to obtain the highest quality fabrication.  They are then transported to the site for final assembly.  Working with you or your contractor we can offer a seamless installation process.  Products offered are comprised of:


Accent Roof Structures are a key component to a dwellings character. In creating entrance structures, we take into consideration the environment you have created surrounding your home along with the characteristics created in the homes’ / cottage original build. Taking this information and working with your ideas we strive to accommodate your future goals in the design of your porches or roof structures.


There are many different styles of Timber Frame Roof Trusses. Trusses can be used on the exterior to make a canopy / porch or be applied in a decorative fashion in the roof overhangs of a gable. They can also feature on the interior of the home wherever there is a cathedral style open ceiling. They can be fully structural, either as part of a complete self-supporting Timber Frame, or integrated into conventional construction in a ‘Hybrid’ design. We can also retro-fit decorative trusses to existing cathedral spaces.
Trusses can be custom made to fit any span or roof pitch and in many different styles.


Typically, Muskoka Rooms’ are a 2 season feature of a home; it is usually to cool in April along with the months of October and on into the fall however some of our Muskoka Rooms have seen use into late December.  Most of these projects are renovations / additions that are arranged on a home to be close in proximity to the main living / kitchen area.  Working towards a longer season of use for our Muskoka Rooms we install free standing air tight fireplaces, fireplace inserts encased in stone & gas / propane fireplace inserts while operating within a clients’ budget.


Throughout the Muskoka Lakes range a variety of boathouses and boat ports in Muskoka.  Boathouses range in size and configuration while retaining a comparable price tag.  We at Accents of Muskoka offer boat port design and build; by incorporating our Timber Frame / Post & Beam structure we are substantially less in price comparison while maintaining a picturesque appearance for any dock and property.


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